Beast Whisperer – that was Lily’s special talent. Useful, but not as flashy as some. Or so she thought.

When she was a child, Lily had washed up on the riverbank near Basolt, with no memory of who she was. Taken in by the couple who found her, she was raised as their own, alongside their new baby. Years later she does something extraordinary. And word spreads of a new Spirit Hopper, someone who can enter into and control not only beasts, but people. Someone who can change the land of Sapeiro. Someone who supposedly died years before.

The rumors catch the attention of those who would control her power. Those who would use Lily for their own purposes, no matter how many lives it costs. They set their plots to capture her in motion. But Lily discovers there is at least one group who might hold the key to her real identity. One group who would protect her. But trust does not come easily for Lily. And her would-be saviors have secrets of their own.

Sora Rosewood is alive. And somehow, she’s the key to saving Sapeiro.

Against all odds, Sora Rosewood has recovered her memories and survived multiple attacks on her life. Not only that, but she’s allied herself with the Sanctuary, a rebel force dedicated to freeing Sapeiro from Queen Amana’s corruption. While Sora works to become the weapon she needs to be, her sister, Lenka, is busy strategizing on a way to overthrow the queen without bathing the continent in blood of the innocent. Whether she likes it or not, Sora has become part of something greater than herself. But as her power grows, so does her unease at wielding it.

Can she become the hero Sapeiro needs her to be? And more importantly, does she want to?

the imagination machine

Ophelia is a creative young girl whose imagination is boundless. She built the Imagination Machine with her dad out of cardboard and stickers. When she finds out her friend Sam thinks he lost his imagination, Ophelia volunteers to help him find it. Together, they go on an adventure through different worlds to hunt down Sam’s lost imagination.