Children’s stories

Tiffany has been weaving stories ever since she was a little girl. As soon as she learned how to read, she was writing, creating magical worlds and quirky characters, which she would then read to her younger brother. She still has an enduring love of everything dinosaur-related, and that passion has bled through in her stories. Her debut children’s story, Susie and the Dinosaurs, tells the tale of a young girl who believes to have found a fossil in her sandbox. Her second illustrated children’s book, The Imagination Machine, deals with similar inspirational themes!

the imagination machine

Ophelia is a creative young girl whose imagination is boundless. She built the Imagination Machine with her dad out of cardboard and stickers. When she finds out her friend Sam thinks he lost his imagination, Ophelia volunteers to help him find it. Together, they go on an adventure through different worlds to hunt down Sam’s lost imagination.

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