Indie Books You Might Want TO Grab!

Check this out, The Sapeiro Chronicles made an Indie reading list!

Musing Of Souls

While the quarantine life has worked out well, I’ve come across a lot of Fantasy books, I’ve been leaning a bit towards fantasy and thus I have a mini list of some books you all might want to grab while searching for your next favorite read on the Amazon and Goodreads. While they come at a price everyone can afford, a few boxsets and pre-orders are at an incredibly cheap price that you just would not believe.

8. Lela Trilogy

Princess Cora is abandoned and left by herself and thus finds herself inducing in the world of magic. Prince Teryn has to marry to have another kingdom by their side for the heard invasion for which he has to kill the Unicorns who are being protected by a witch.

To save a unicorn, Cora must face her past. To save a kingdom, she must fight for her future.

The Lela…

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